Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bees buzzing about

Bees in December 07

Today it got up to 78F degrees. It was a beautiful day though I did turn on the ceiling fans due to the warmth inside the house. :)

Our bees are doing well. They have been out and about, gathering up as much pollen as they can find, which is not much right now since there aren't many blooms to be had. We do have a couple of plants with little flowers and a rosemary bush still flowering also so they are gathering from there. I'm sure they're enjoying this more than the cold we have had lately.

Just a note, there is an opening about 1 inch in the bottom box but it is on the right side so you can't see it in this shot. Just wanted you to know the bees can get in and out just fine.


AlanDP said...

My dad is a beekeeper and I've helped him rob bees many times. There's nothing like honey fresh out of the hive.

dot said...

I love your pictures!

Thiên said...

Thanks Dot. And I agree, Alan. There's just something about tasting that honey while it's still warm and the bees are buzzing on it!

Joy said...

Hello, Thien! Say hi to the bees for me. Would they make honey for me? I love honey - especially now I've got a sore throat.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and for your wonderful comments. Sorry if I wasn't able to visit you sooner - very very busy house hunting! Do visit again!

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Lothiane said...

It must be an interesting hobby to keep bees. I'm afraid of them though, so I wouldn't go close. ;) However, I did read Sue Monk Kidd's lovely book "The secret life of bees" and it's one of my all time favourites. :)

Thiên said...

I enjoyed that book also, Lothiane. Joy, they said they only have enough for themselves this year. Maybe next year.