Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Farewell trees

Tree trunk 1 color

I don't know when exactly the trees were chopped down but we went to take papers to recycling and saw many trees were gone from this nearby facility that the school is using for administrative offices or something like that. It used to be very nice to walk by the trees but perhaps they were sick and needed to be taken out. I'm hoping that was the case. Otherwise, I don't know why you chopped down any trees. You can see my feet in the shot, just wanted to show you how big the trunk was next to my size 7 feet. :)

I also shot other photos of the trunks. I liked them so much for some reason so I took several shots. You can check them out and let me know your favorite if you wish. Have a great Thursday. By the way, we just got back from the Spurs/Lakers game and I'm pushing to get this posted in time for it to count as Wednesday! :) Spurs won. Yah!

1 Close up in color
2 Wide shot in black and white
3 Close up in black and white
4 Side view close up in black and white


Joy said...

I hate trees being chopped down, unless they were a danger to the town folk. I love trees - for so many reasons. Not least of all is the fact that they keep us healthy!

Have lovely Thursday!

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Mitch said...

Cool pic of the stump. You never know why, but that's a lot of work to take down a tree that big, they had to have a good reason. Sad though, I love trees. They are very forgiving, but then, they are bigger than us.

Thanks for your comment on!

- Mitch

Anonymous said...

Your feet are small.

Annie said...

This sight breaks my heart.

But I'm happy the Spurs won.

alexander said...

Wow! it looks like a huge tree.
Nice shoes!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

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kostas said...

Three trees round the house replace air-condition.
It is villain when the trees are cut without exists some serious reason.
The tree of photograph should have been cut, because this it grew to a direction, and this it had as result from medium and above cant dangerously.
Also these trees do not make deep roots but surface that they stretch out in extent.
It is not allowed they increase in very big height, because they fall alone them and cause serious accidents in passing persons and big material damage when they are in in the cities.
The age of this tree, as I measured, exceeds the 78 years.

Southern Heart said...

Thien, I think that my favorite is the B/W close-up from the side. I'm a tree lover just as you are, and always sad to see any go.

You have some cute little feet! (I wear a size 9).

Nathalie said...

I looked at all your photos and liked them all but what I like about this one is that your feet give an idea of the size of the trunk.

Thiên said...

Thanks for all your comments. You know, I just think size 7 feet is actually kind of average, isn't it? :) Now, size 5, that's SMALL! My sister wears that and she's older than me though she is about 3 inches shorter.

Neva said...

I like the one you posted the best!