Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Staring at the honey pot...

Honey pot

What does a honey pot have to do with my lack of posting? Well, the cedar pollin has been out in full force and I had done well in avoiding "cedar fever" but then it hit me hard Sunday and I was simply too out of it to post. This morning, my head pressure was much better but I was so tired, I just sat at the kitchen table and I barely break my gazing at the honey pot. I really like the bee. We have a little collection of these little pots. Now, if only our sweet little bees will produce some honey for US this coming year! :)

Anyway, cedar fever is a big thing around here. I had never heard of it before moving here but the pollin can really make people's lives quite miserable. Itchy eyes, scratchy throats, cough, slight fever, a head that is so full of pressure that even sleep doesn't provide relief. Sound fun?


Pat said...

I'm so sorry you've been under the weather. Love your little honeypot. I used to be a beekeeper so love anything to do with bees.


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Keropok Man said...

never heard of cedar fever. but when i live in Australia previously, there was the hay fever season which affects lots of people.

get well soon!

Mitch said...

Cedar fever sounds miserable, our hay fever is a lot like that. Right now I have what is called cabin fever. Only symptom is exhaustion and irritability. Oh, and longing for the color green. Hope you get better,

- Mitch in Minneapolis

Jana said...

Feel better! We have that problem here when the pinecones open. Its miserable for a week or two, not to mention the dust (or whatever that stuff inside pinecones is) covering everything.

Cute honey pot!

Joy said...

I can only think of Winnie the Pooh!

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