Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Digging a big hole

City workers

My friend gave me a ride back to work after we dropped off my car for a state inspection. As we drove by these workers, we were impressed by the sheer size of that drill! Being the great friend she is, she immediately offered to do another drive by so I could snap a shot. My husband is just as nice. I think they are psychic or they are beginning to see things and think, "photo blog..." :)

This drill shot reminds me that Mark and I once hired someone to help us dig some holes for the deck in the back of the house. After digging over 25 holes 20+ inches deep for our fence, we were ready to have some help with the rocky ground. Though our guy's drill was smaller than this in the photo, he assured us it could take it b/c it's tough and sturdy. Well, we felt really bad b/c it broke. That's how rocky some areas can be around here. In the end, we finished digging the rest of the holes. I'll have to find a picture of that project.


Jim said...

I could go dirty with my comment but I wont.

Its not cold there?

Thiên said...

:) I know, me too Jim but I kept it clean.

Yesterday morning it was balmy, near 70F and just like a sponge. Then a cold front blew in and when we took this around 2pm, it was 60F. Dropped from there the rest of the day and there was also a cutting wind too.

Shorty said...

Hey T. That's one big drill. Any idea what they were digging the hole for? I had no idea you all ended up digging your holes yourself, you should have let me know, for the cost of a 6-pack or two I could have gotten a whole troop of people out there. :D You're right about the weather. In the morning I didn't even need the little jacket I had, and by the time the Spanster came in for lunch, he said I would probably need my jacket to head home, but you know me, I'll savor all the cold (I'm even getting to wear the hat and scarf you knit for me), before having to deal with the heat of the summer.

Thiên said...

Oh yes, sorry Shorty. It was for the utility pole you see over to the left of the photo, laying on the ground. It's replacing that wood pole.

It IS nice to be able to bundle up with our knitted goods, no? I am inspired to knit...tomorrow night. Tonight is Spurs vs. Lakers! Late game for west coast viewing. :(

Joy said...

That house in the back caught my eye. I love its colours!

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Southern Heart said...

That is an impressive drill. ;) And, I love that house behind it, too!

That is nice that you have people doing re-drive-by's for you. My DH has gotten very good about that, too.

Neva said...

that's one big drill!