Monday, January 28, 2008



Also spotted on our walk was this cool woodpecker. I normally don't take my camera with me when we go walking but I'm glad I did this time. I was busy looking for the cardinal I heard but Mark spotted this little guy. He looks a little different from the woodpecker we normally spot in our back yard. I enjoyed watching him busily check out different trees.


Dorothée said...

Bravo for this close up with nice details on his feathers. When I hear and see a woodpecker at work, I always feel sorry for the tree.

Southern Heart said...

What a great photo...he's very striking! I'm glad that you had your camera today, too. :)

Jim said...

He looks very good. The picture is so clear.

alexander said...

Interesting. That is a very good shot!

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Pat said...

So glad you took your camera! This is a lovely bird!

I would certainly appreciate your posting a condolence message in my blogs today for the wife of a good blogger friend...


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Joy said...

I've never really seen a woodpecker face to face :D Thanks for this. I only know Woody the Woodpecker :D

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oldmanlincoln said...

It is a Downy Woodpecker and looks like a female.

Shorty said...

Holy Crappers! That thing looks huge!

bkschor said...

Looks like a Downy.

(I see someone else said this, yay me.)

I hope to get some bird shots with my new camera too.