Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lone golfer

Starcke Park Golf Course

Before the postings for the new year, I mentioned we had go to Starcke Park and I took several pictures I wanted to show you. Here's another one. The golf course is very nice, sprinkled with mature pecan trees. Right now the trees are bare and the grass is brown but that's to be expected, though there is still a beauty to it in my opinion. This part of the course runs along the Guadalupe River (where my back is as I shoot this picture). I'll go back when things are in bloom; it's quite pretty. You can rent carts, bring your own or walk it, as this gentleman is doing here. It's good exercise. When my husband worked with the City of Seguin, he had to oversee the course at one point and so he took up golfing. I went with him and we walked it once and had a great, relaxing time. I enjoyed it much more than anticipated but we haven't the time for it these days. It really eats into your day to do 18 holes, or even 9.


photowannabe said...

Nice composition and I like how you captured the tree shadows. they are graceful looking going up the rise.

AlanDP said...

Many years ago they had a mini-golf course on the other side of the road from there, right next to a swimming pool. When they built the wave pool they closed the old swimming pool down. I guess they closed the mini-golf about the same time. Starke Park was our standard class field trip for several years through junior high and most of high school.

Thiên said...

Thanks Sue! Something about him struck me as we went by.

Alan, my husband and I use to take the kids to the mini-golf and loved it! It actually got flooded (I believe it was in '98 but I'll check with Mark) and was not salvagable, sadly. It was a lot of fun. I didn't get to see the pool next to it, however. Before my move here.

Dan said...

My wife and I are planning on taking up golf once the kids are older and out of the house. You are right it that golfing takes a lot of time and we don't have that luxury right now.

Golfers are dedicated aren't they. I see golfers around here in all kinds of weather.

AlanDP said...

Oh, so it got wiped out in the Big Flood. That makes sense. I didn't know exactly when it had happened, I just noticed it had disappeared.