Thursday, January 10, 2008

Winter Garden

Winter Garden

On Ireland Drive, there is a wonderful garden that has something growing throughout the year. Mark and I always enjoy seeing what's there whenever we drive by and we like the way the garden plots are contained in neat rectangles. Right now, there are some scallions growing. I love scallions. I have seen a few other gardens around town as well. We hope to start a little one ourselves this year.


Dan said...

Thien, I really love the detail and light in this close up. It is a great photo. I never new scallions could look so pretty.

Also, I tagged you today. Go over to my blog to find out what this is all about.

Rambling Round said...

Green onions are great to have in the garden. So nice to be able to just pull some up and chop into your supper.

dot said...

They made a nice picture! I can almost smell them.

zentmrs said...

Nice shot - these are wonderful to have in the garden.