Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Making a new friend

Me & Jessica again

One of the nicest things about this blog is that I have gotten to meet some really wonderful, friendly people in town. This is my newest friend, Jessica. She works for our local daily, KWED's Seguin Daily News, and she told me she loves to check out my blog. I was so, so flattered and happy to know she likes it so much. We met at the archeology dig a couple of weekends ago, where Jessica also snapped some photos of the grounds and activities.

It was wonderful to meet you Jessica! Remember to email me if you want to go photographing together. :-p


Tammy said...

How cool is that! With your great personality I'm sure you'll keep meeting more great people, and how great is it that you keep meeting people who love photography and blogs!

E said...


Cool. =0)

dennis said...

Dennis loves Jessica. does Jessica have a blog?

danagirl said...

awwww, two of the coolest people in Seguin!!!

Rock on, creative sistahs!

Thiên said...

Dennis, I don't think Jessica has a blog but I will ask her.

And ladies, you're right! It's soon time for another bloggers social. I'll be in touch!

Neva said...

I do love meeting up with bloggers! how fun was that???

Miss Jessica said...

Thien, I do have a blog. Actually the radio station is in the process of setting up blogs for us. I'm at

The photo made my day, and meeting you was terrific. We love your blog!