Thursday, October 02, 2008

Old Shack on Saffold Property

Saffold Property

Here's the full view of the old structure I posted about yesterday. It appears it was perhaps a storage facility but we're not sure. It's a real shame but there were several other structures on the property that were slave homes but they were bulldozed into a great big pile prior to the McKees owning the property. The good news is that the pile is still on-site so eventually a team will be put together to go through and see if there are things worth salvaging. Jody showed me a door plate and door knob they pulled from the pile and those items looked really interesting; finely detailed. I hope they find other wonderful things in that big pile.


Hilda said...

Very interesting project going on there! I too hope they find more items worth keeping as historical relics.

Kris said...

I might be able to hook you up with someone to swing you a mortgage on this beauty. It is a "renovator’s delight"! :)