Monday, October 20, 2008

Spurs Time

Spurs v. Trailblazers

Friday we go to our first Spurs game. Despite it being only a pre-season game, we are still very excited! Nothing like going to the SBC Center to get into the spirit of it. Their first game of the season will be against the Phoenix Suns on October 29! This is a snap I took last year I think, maybe 06, I forget. I thought they were real at first and was very impressed. But upon closer inspection....fake. Not so impressed. But still cool. The shoes belong to the camera man doing a shot of the pumpkins for a TV spot. You know how they show "things" during the commercial breaks. He kept pretty close to the pumpkins, hence the shoes. :)


Tammy said...

That would be a good pregame show to watch. I am always torn between the Spurs and the Suns (I used to live in Phoenix and sold Suns t-shirts with their gorilla when I worked in a department store there). Now I do lean more toward the Spurs since I live here now so don't have me hanged just yet!

Thiên said...

LOL, we'll keep you Tammy! I used to also like the Suns until that series where they all whined a lot. That usually turns me off. ;) I still like Steve Nash though.

E said...

At first glance, I thought YOU carved 'em!!! I was really impressed an had to laugh, cuz that's exactly what the kids and I did tonight. =0) Ours aren't so professional though. Oh well, we had fun.

Have fun with the Spurs on Friday!!!

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I feel the same way when the Spurs and Rockets play. Remember the IH-10 blowout back in the mid 90's? Talk about nerve-wrecking!