Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Woodpecker with Pecan

Woodpecker with pecan

Sorry I have not posted in a while. First of all, I just haven't felt inspired. Secondly, I had been enjoying the great weather outside! Third, the great weather also meant some bad allergies (boooo!) and some bad headaches that turned into migraines. So, little energy and motivation to post.

But, I did spot our woodpecker again from our kitchen window the other day. It seems when the weather turns cooler, we start seeing the woodpeckers more often. Here is one trying to get that pecan open. He carried it around and banged it against the tree trunk and hopped and climbed up and down the pecan tree. It was very fun to watch. Then he disappeared high up in the tree and so I don't know if he ever got that pecan cracked. I hope so! Because the squirrels are eating up all the other pecans! We are really being overrun by the squirrels lately!

Woodpecker with pecan


Tammy said...

You really captured some cool pics of him!

Sorry you've been under the weather! We need to have coffee again soon!

Dan said...

Great job! he looks so funning with that great big nut in his skinny beak.

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. This is the first fall where I have suffered any kind of alergy. Seems as if my sinus' have been throbbing almost every morning.

E said...

Now that's a MOUTHFULL!!! =0)

Thiên said...

Thanks Dan and Tammy. And you're right Erica, I thought the same.

Ok, soon, we HAVE to get together!