Sunday, January 04, 2009

Big Bird


Lately I have seen plenty of big birds around Seguin, including a variety of hawks but also many vulptures and buzzards. I don't know all their names so I won't try but if you want to share with me what this bird is, that'd be nice. We saw him out in the country on a ride out to one of the bee sites. He was so regal out there. Mark turned around so I could snap some shots from the car but I wish we could have gotten even closer.

Yesterday I wrote it was 83F degrees. Today it said 48F on the way home from church. Cloudy and windy. I'm not complaining! I love it!!!! :) Tomorrow's suppose to be pretty cold and possibly rainy, which we really need around here. I hope everyone has a great week.



E said...

I believe he's a Crested Caracara! We saw one and looked them up last year. See HERE. =0)


AlanDP said...

Yes, it's a Crested Caracara, which many people around here erroneously (and colloquially) call a Mexican Eagle. It is not an eagle, but is actually a scavenger and is often seen in the company of buzzards (vultures) around a carcass. They will also sometimes attack living animals if the animal is small enough and injured or very young and unable to defend itself.

Thiên said...

Thank you Erica and Alan. :)

groserita said...

We saw one as well.. which I will post onto my flickr site when I get a chance!

Elaine said...

What bee sites did you travel to in Seguin? I am interested in beekeeping and have not heard of anyone in the local seguin area keeping bees? PLEASE let me know if anyone knows! Thanks! ELAINE Please mark subject BEEKEEPING IN SEGUIN.
P.S its a crested caracara you saw they eat carrion like the blk & turkey vultures in seguin.

Woody said...

Commonly known hereabouts as a Mexican Eagle, with striking colorful plumage. This bird used to be rarely seen north of San Antonio, or around Seguin. Now it's frequently seen north of Austin, for another sign of global heating.