Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Lippe Tire Company

Checking for damage

No, the Camry is not back in the shop. This is a shot I snapped when we took it in for the Lipple Tire guys to check things out for us after I ran over a huge piece of tread on the highway one night. I love Lippe; they are really great (I've mentioned them recently). I have always been fascinated when I go to a shop and the car goes on the lift. It's so cool. Big, heavy car...lifted up high like it weighs nothing at all. Pretty neat.

Luckily, there was no bad damage that made it dangerous to drive but I did manage to do some harm to something that now flaps once in a while. Going to have to take it in to Shanafelt. Now there's another great business in Seguin. I'll snap a picture when we take the car in. They handle body work and do a great job. And they have a really neat business sign that I really like for some reason. It's very nicely done. And yes, even I think it's funny to like a sign so much. LOL.

Today was another busy, busy day at work but I am enjoying my new role tremendously. All of a sudden, we have projects coming out the ear. I felt so exhilerated, overwhelmed and totally exhausted all at once most of the day. It certainly makes my day fly by fast. And I actually forgot to eat breakfast again (a yogurt at work). Well, I remembered once my stomach started growling at me around 10:30 or so.


Kris said...

Do you like it when work gets hectic, or prefer it quiet?

I can never decide myself...

Squirrel said...

I like shots like these, cars on the lift --always cool. we appreciate hydraulics !