Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Bees, New Home

Our new bees

I am happy to report that the bees are here! And now it's official. We are big time beekeepers now....twelve hives. :) Well, for us that's big time. We went from two in the backyard to an additional ten kept on an acquaintance's property out in the country. This is the spot Mark picked out and he worked last week to prepare the area for our new bees. I will share some more pictures this week but since they are not technically of Seguin, I may post them on my La China blog in case you want to read that one. Or, if you prefer photos only, you can check out my Flickr photo set of our beekeeping activities.

We picked the bees up on Sunday from a really awesome beekeeping in Moore, Texas. David Park owns Cold River Apiaries and he spent a lot of time with us; not just getting the bees ready for the move, but also just talking to us about beekeeping and also about his operation. We learned so much and had a really fantastic time! And he gave us a jar of the honey his bees produced....DELICIOUS! You can really taste the difference from Cold River Honey and the brand we get from HEB. Hopefully, our new bees will like it here in Seguin and start producing some honey for us. :)

Hope everyone's had a good week so far. I just got back from two days in Dallas at our corporate office. Had a blast, really! But glad to be home. And tired. I'm going to go read a few chapters of my James Patterson Cat & Mouse book and then roll on to bed. Good night.


AlanDP said...

I hope they can find enough to eat. This drought has been really rough on bees.

We used to put ours near watermelon fields, but you can't put them too close or they could all be killed when the field is sprayed with pesticide by a crop-duster.

E said...

Pretty cool, Thien! Just be careful not to bump your head on a tree when the bees startle ya! Wouldn't wanna chip a tooth. {wink}

Enjoy your new HIVE!

Babooshka said...

We need to save our poor bees. I envy you.

Kris said...

I hope that you had a smoker on hand!