Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moore Bees

Cold River Apiaries

This is one of the small bee yards that David Park has in Moore, Texas. So technically it's not Seguin but since some of the bees are here now, I thought you would not mind. It was so pretty out there. Moore is located south of San Antonio along Interstate Highway 35. David told us his dad also keeps bees in Devine (north of Moore) and his cousin in Moore also operatest an apiary. David is a FOURTH generation beekeeper! Isn't that cool? I thought so.


Dan said...

Personally, love the honey but not the bees. So, I am glad there are generation after generation of beekeepers out there.

Babooshka said...

Good to see them so cared for.

Squirrel said...

keep your bees organized and the rest of your life will fall neatly into place.