Saturday, January 03, 2009

A little beekeeping in the new year

Mark building frames for new hives

Here we are in January and it reached 83F degrees today; can you believe that? Amazing. It's not that I don't like warm weather. I just like a little seasonal weather. Anyway, I know a friend of mine up in Indiana wrote that she sort of missed the warm Texas weather so sometimes maybe we just want what we don't have at the moment. The cedar and juniper levels are high so it's still giving plenty of us fits with the sneezing, congestion, drippy noses and stuffy heads.

So what do you do in such warm weather? You work on frames for the bees! :) Mark is getting things ready for more bees. We've decided to add ten more hives but we won't be keeping them in our yard with the other two hives we have. Mark's found two locations out in the country on land owned by people we know or have met through another friend. It's very exciting and I'm so thrilled that Mark's decided to increase his beekeeping activities. It's nice to see him doing things he enjoys so much.

He's gotten some boxes prepared and lately he's been putting these frames together with the wax sheets. The frames go inside the boxes and then the bees will continue to build upon the sheets once they are in their new homes. There is another beekeeper nearby who we will buy the bees from soon. I can't wait to visit his place and see what kind of operation he has!

Yep, that's my feet. It was warm enough to walk around bare feet today.



washaw said...

Interesting. Looking forward to seeing more pictures as the story progresses.

Hope said...

So - how often do you harvest the honey?

I love your site!!


C and C Mommy said...


I thought it was too hot today!! I made me what to jump in the river, but I knew the water would be too cold!!

Squirrel said...

I would love to set up a beekeeping operation!
nice photos
nice toes.

KeithAlanK said...

That's great--we could all use more bees for pollination, so tell Mark thanks from all of us gardeners.

E said...

We used to keep bees when I was a kid. One time my mom and I were out there, one stung her, I jumped, hit my head on the tree above me, and chipped my front tooth. Ahhh, thanks for the memories. =0)