Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lunch on the Square

Lunch on the square

Last week I met Mark for lunch downtown on the square at Amy & Kathy's. I posted about this little eatery already back in 2007. It's a great place -- sandwiches, soup, pasta salad, great desserts. I was sitting at our table and thought Mark's silhouette looked cool with the store front and square behind him. I enjoyed watching traffic and people go by as we ate. It sure was a nice break from work.

I remember it was a beautiful day; perfect weather for parking around the block and walking over. I thought, how nice it is to work near home so that I could meet my honey for lunch. It was one of the nicest days for me.


LaurieLC said...

I sure miss Amy & Kathy's. Ate there almost everyday right after they opened. Nothing like it!

AlanDP said...

Downtown has totally changed from the way it was back when I worked in Seguin. From that shot, it looks like I was parked in about the same place as that red truck one day, delivering a pizza to some little store that isn't there anymore, when someone stole the big magnetic Mr. Gatti's sign off my door.

A few months later I delivered to someone's house and saw the sign covering the door of their refrigerator.

Thiên said...

It sure is tasty Laurie!

Alan, that is too funny about the sign! LOL