Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blue Fountain

Blue light fountain 2

Greetings from Gainesville, FL. I have really missed posting and while I am pretty exhausted, I am trying to catch at least the first half of Spurs/Hornets Game 5 and post this before calling it a night.

We're doing some training and today was a rough day. Technical issues, training manual issues, blah. Everyone's great though but we didn't even finish everything so that's not a great feeling. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

This is a shot of the water fountain on the square downtown from the stroll we took last week. I zoomed in and shot several close-ups of as the lights changed colors. I chose this one today because we are close to the coast and we wish we had time to see the Atlantic if only for a little while. I love the Atlantic - it's where I grew up and spent each summer with the family. Great memories.


Jim said...

cool picture.

Shorty said...

Happy Belated Birthday T.

Kelly said...

Beautiful color.