Monday, May 19, 2008

Curly Q

Cucumber curls

One of my favorite things about climbing plants is the swirling, curly twine. Is that what they are called? My friend and I can't think of the word nor could I find it on the web. I know there's a specific word for it.

Back in Columbia, I'm having a great time with my fellow coworkers. Despite logistical issues, this week is a much better start than last week when a slow network really slowed training down for us. We also moved the class up an hour so it runs 7a-5p though we managed to finish at 4:17p today. It made us all very happy. The weather is fantastic, food superb and companionship awesome!


Kelly said...

Are they tendrils? That doesn't seem right when I look at it after I have typed it, but maybe something along those lines. This is a nice shot. The little curly-que is so delicate!

Jules said...

Wee little curly whirly things sounds fine to me - I have no idea. But i do like them a lot!!!!