Friday, May 09, 2008

Whipping Oak & Sky Watch

Whipping Oak

We have some very old (estimated 500+ years old) and very beautiful oaks in town. Some are also very famous! This is a shot of the Whipping Oak on the north side of Central Park (our downtown square). The ring you see here is about 3 inches and was driven into the oak about 5 feet up from the ground. During the mid-1800's, prisoners were tied to the ring and receive their punishment in the form of lashes. Mark showed me these after he learned about them during some research this week. He found two of them on the square. I thought it was very intriguing to think of the justice dispensed there on the square.

You can Google "whipping oak seguin" for more information or check out these links: Texas A&M or Seguin Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Other famous oaks include: the Civil War Oak (Seventh block of West Baker Street), the Coffin Oak (Corner of South Camp and West Donegan Streets), the Ranger Oak (Gonzales and Camp Streets), the Goodrich Oak (South end of Goodrich Street), and the Sam Houston (Sixth block of East Nolte Street). No longer standing are the Hanging Oak (Corner of South River and East Nolte Streets) and the John Ireland Oak (Middle of North Travis)

And for Friday, here is my Sky Watch. You can check out other Sky Watchers as well. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Old Wom Tigley said...

The Sky Watch picture is beautiful.. those cloud formation are excellent.. I also found the trees of interest and will read up some more on this..
Thanks for joining in.. better late than never... I post my links post each Thursday Evening at around 19.30hours GMT... The earlier you post your link the more see you post and hopefully comment.
Thank you once again.

mirage2g said...

There is the wonderful sky photo! So peaceful! Btw, Happy 3rd anniversary to Seguin DP!!!

Neva said...

Happy 3rd anniversary!! I love your sky photo.....very nice.