Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pollinating the Squash

Squash & Bee 3

Finally the bees have discovered the flowers on the squash plants. Mark still helps them using the q-tips but they seem okay on their own now. You know what's really cool about these plants? I don't believe I ever realized that these flowers become the actual squash! Did you know that?? After the bloom peaks, it starts shriveling until at a certain point, it becomes a tiny little squash. And then that little squash grows into a big, beautiful, healthy squash that we enjoy for dinner. I think it's fascinating to watch this process.

Meanwhile, we have one more day in SC and then we go home tomorrow evening. I love it here but I'm pretty tired with all the travel. Looking forward to some kind of routine at home for a while.


Anonymous said...

beautiful flowers - I don't particularly like squash, but nice scenery.

btw, I'm Brian's (Terrell Texas Daily Photo) sister from Missouri.

photowannabe said...

Isn't God's creation truly amazing? Great picture Thien.

Thiên said...

Thanks ladies. Glad to meet you Ms. Hays (checked out your blog...very nice!). Sue, we have many beautiful miracles around us. I am just sad that as a whole, most of us don't take the time to experience the miracles.

Anonymous said...

I do something like Mark with Q-tips but try to brush one flower against another if I can. We have a shortage of bees here so some things just are not pollinated. I like to see the bees or even flies working on the flowers so I know things will be pollinated.

I like your photograph today and enjoyed your post yesterday.

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