Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spurs Sterling Silver Dancers

The loss to the Lakers last night was a big disappointment but I thought of a few things that made it a happy day for me:

  1. It was a night out and I had fun with Mark and other Spurs fans (what with all the high-fives here and there).
  2. During one of the time outs, we saw the Sterling Silver Dancers. These ladies are from Seguin! There are about 20 dancers and they are in their 40s through 70s. They have performed at a previous game I recall but we didn't know we'd see them tonight so what a nice surprise.
  3. It's my one-year anniversary at CMC and I'm very glad to be there.
  4. There's still Game 5 tomorrow night and I'll get to watch it with Mark and my sister at home. We'll still use our clappers so that they can hear us all the way in SA. :)


Ken said...

Sounds like a great time to bad they lost. L.A. looks like the team to beat this year.

mirage2g said...

I like the Spurs too...Good thing you enjoyed it...

photowannabe said...

Sorry for the loss but I know you had a great time anyway. The Sterling Silver Dancers have a lot of energy. Good for them. Harder to do all that at any age.