Sunday, May 04, 2008

Seguin Photo Blog turns 3!

Smokey's new pad

Today is the Seguin Photo Blog's 3rd birthday and for my 250th post, I would like to provide an update on the garden with a few pictures. Smokey has found a new snoozing spot in the garden. He really seems to enjoy hanging out in the tub and the real garden.

Our tomatoes are abundant and we await the first ripe one so we can cut into it. They still smell wonderful. Our squash is also starting to produce but Mark noticed that one of the little squash was shriveling up so he researched it and read that it was due to the plants not getting polinated. So funny our bees did not seem to notice the squash yet I guess. So Mark used a q-tip to cross pollinate himself and at that time, he did see a bee so between the bee and Mark, the squash should be okay. :)

More tomatoes Yellow Squash


Jim said...

Congrats on 3 years, what a commitment. The tomatos look great.

Olivier said...

joyeux anniversaire, bravo pour tes 3 ans et ton 250th posts. Bonne continuité

happy birthday, congratulations on your 3 years and your 250th posts. Good continuity

St Pete Project Daily Photo said...

It's so odd, but what a coincidence. This morning I posted a photo of a mural with Smokey Joe Williams painted on it. I read a little history and found he was born near Seguin. Then I saw your anniversary posting, clicked onto your blog and saw your link on the side to the Smokey Joe blog. It's a small and interesting world we live in! Congrats on your anniversary!

annulla said...

Congratulations on your third anniversary. It is will be before we have fresh tomatoes and squash here; I'm so jealous!

Blather From Brooklyn

brian said...

congrats on your anniversary... those tomotos are really coming along!

Southern Heart said...

Wow...what are you feeding those tomatoes? They are amazing! :)

Happy 3rd Blogiversary, too!!

Jilly said...

Many congratulations Thien and Happy Birthday! Looks like those tomatoes are coming up in celebration. Don't your veggies look amazing.

J.C. said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to Seguin Photo Blog, Thien!!!

The tomato plant is lush looking and the amount of tomatoes it produces is amazing. I didn't expect to see so many fruits.

Hope you will keep going further with Seguin Photo!