Tuesday, May 27, 2008

White wildflower

I shot a series of shots when I saw this flower a couple of years ago and they remain some of my favorite photos. I love looking at the leaves as they remind me on onion-skin paper and I used to love writing and drawing on that type of paper when I was young. These are in bloom right now around town and at a distance, they look like weeds but up close, they take on a beauty you might miss as you drive by.

We're off to Game 4 of the Spurs/Laker series but I just had to try and get a post in. GO SPURS!


Jim said...

It looks like window sheers. Y'all are going to be at the game? Cool.

Thiên said...

We went to the game, Jim. And it looked like only four Spurs showed up to play. Oh well, at least I did my part to cheer them on -- Mark and I still had fun together.

AlanDP said...

Looks like a nettle. Just be careful of the ones with very small white flowers and big, broad leaves. They are very painful to come in contact with.