Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ducky #5

Duck #5

To make up for yesterday, I have one more shot to share of one of the ducks sitting in the big, old oak tree in the yard behind Second Baptist. His partner was on one of the lower branches.

Added comment: A coworker thought they might be whistling tree ducks and I think she is right b/c I Googled images of that type of duck and these do match up to a couple listed. There are other names for this type of duck, depending on who you ask and where they are from in TX, apparently. Other names might be: Fulvous Whistling Duck, Dendrocygna bicolor (official name), Mexican Squeaker or Mexican Squealer.

It's a gorgeous, gorgeous day outside and we're keeping busy cleaning, baking (bake sale at church tomorrow morning), reading my David Baldacci, visiting with a friend, enjoying the yard and garden, and waiting for tonight's Game 1 against the Hornets. Go Spurs!

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Kris McCracken said...

I really like this one, it took a bit of time to spot the duck, but it was well worth it.