Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fuschia Plumeria

Plumeria from my parents

Sorry, the cemetery story will have to wait. I just wanted to do a quick post. My parents gave us two cuttings when we visited in June -- a yellow and a fuschia plumeria. They both survived the long drive back and they are still doing okay despite being young, rootless and slightly toasted. Not to mention our hot, dry summer. Both plants have bloomed. Now we have two new colors to add to the white plumeria Mark's brother gave us years ago. I posted a shot of that back in 2007.


E said...

I've never even heard of these, but they really are pretty!

Lookin' forward to the meet-n-greet! I'll be there for sure!

JM said...

Plumerias are among my favourite plants! I brought two cuttings from Burma/Myanmar, one died but the other is so big i had to give it to a great friend of mine and it's blooming for the 2nd time in her big garden.

Yours is beautiful!!!


edward said...

what a pretty color, and the texture looks creamy. smooth. i like this color.