Saturday, August 30, 2008

Road Workers

Hard working folks

We were heading back to the house when I saw these hard-working folks and I wanted to photograph them because I'm sure most of us don't think about work such as this. They were prepping the road so that they can repaint (or whatever the process is officially called) the crossing marks that indicate where we should stop and where pedestrians should walk. Looked like hard work.

This is at the intersection of Highway 46/Sam Flores Dr. and Highway 90/Kingsbury St. I was so glad a few years ago when the state finally put up the traffic lights. With eight lanes of traffic, it was a headache getting past this point because some drivers wouldn't yield. Anyway, I am happy the lights are there now. :)

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Texas Travelers said...

We haven't been through there recently, but this is great.

Thanks for sharing.
Good photo.

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