Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Saw him on my way home from work

When I ran home for lunch today and to check on Mark (he's down with the flu or cold or something poor thing), I passed this cute little goat near the company and too near to the road. He had somehow gotten on the wrong side of the fence I think. He wasn't there when I drove back to work so I hope that he got back over the fence to hang with his friend. I liked the colors they had; one white with black spots, the other with brown spots. Cute. We have lots of farm around the area and I always like to watch them. There's a horse farm just outside of town on IH-10 that I would like to check out one day when I have more time. They have the most beautiful horses and quite a big piece of land for them to run around on.

I'd also like to let everyone know that several of us are going to meet up at Chiro Java this coming Thursday at 7pm. Thought it'd be fun to get everyone together and finally meet one another. Chiro Java is on the town square and is a pretty neat place to hang out. And now that they have late hours several nights a week, it's going to be the perfect place to hang out with blogging friends and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Hope some of you will join us. Of course, we'll probably all blog about it. Just warning you. :)

Chiro Java


Tammy said...

I'll be there and I'm looking forward to it! You bet there will be several of us posting similar blogs that night! :0)

See you Thursday!

E said...

We need t-shirts to wear that night:

"Anything you say or do can and will be blogged!"

d. chedwick said...

big scary goat --i'm running in the opposite direction. Kittens and goats are a bad mix.

The Liberator said...

have fun at your blogger blast!