Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pizza Options in Town

Two for the price of one

At the end of a long day and still having to pack for Nevada the rest of the week, it was with relief and excitment that I heard Mark's suggestion to get some pizza tonight! Woo hoo. Since Pizza Hut closed (our favorite order out pizza), we haven't ordered pizza. I remember when it used to be a treat growing up. We had lots of mouths to feed and not much money but when my older siblings went to college and then started working, they would treat us to McDonald's french fries and Domino's pizza. LOL.

In Seguin, there are several options for pizza (order out or eat in):
  1. Cici's Pizza (pretty good, esp. the veggie)
  2. Little Ceasar's (lots of 2 for 1 deals, pretty good)
  3. Papa John's (ordered it once when they first came to town; it was good but I had an issue with what they charged and they disagreed so I haven't gone back)
  4. Mr. Gatti's (okay pizza, people go for the kids' games and TVs)
  5. Domino's Pizza (very good, fast and Tuesday is two-for-one night if you get a large)
  6. Rosie's Pizza (pretty good, inexpensive)
Supreme Pizza


Jim said...

That one looks good right there. We have pretty much the same choices here. We usually go for the non chain though.

E said...

We order from Rosie's a lot at work. But my favorite take-out pizza was always Pizza Hut too... although the dining-in part was NEVER GOOD!

You're making me hungry just LOOKING at the pizza!!! =0)

Kris said...

I am slightly surprised to see no Pizza Hut. I thought they were everywhere!

If I could, I’d eat pizza every day.

'Wood fired pizza' is all the rage at the moment, although to be honest I struggle to tell the difference (aside from one being ten bucks more expensive!)

dennis said...

Dennis can smell the sausage! Thank You!

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" likes your style - dessert (yesterday's post) first....

alicesg said...

Your photo looked so delicious..yummy.