Sunday, August 31, 2008

Johnny's BBQ

BBQ place in Seguin

We went to Johnny's the other day when I got home. On my first evening home, I have not really felt like cooking if I'm home before dinner time. So we went to check out Johnny's. This is the wall mural on the front of the building. It was hard to get a full shot because of the cars parked there. I had barbecued chicken and Mark had the sausage plate. Pretty good but what we really want to try is their fried chicken, which you can only get on Tuesdays at lunch time. I've heard it's fabulous.


Hannah said...

I love Johnnys!! My favorite is the fish, and the tarter sauce, its yummy! Oh and the Homemade pies yummy!

C and C Mommy said...

My husband likes to go there on Thursdays for steak fingers. He says they are the best!! I haven't found much at Johnny's I like...but I am sorta picky. I like things grilled with veggies...oh well!!

E said...

Yea, the steak fingers on Thursdays are great! Just don't get them on any other day of the week. They only do the REAL ones on Thursdays when they're the "Special". =0)

Thiên said...

Fish, pies, steak fingers and fried chicken. Ok! I will try them at some point. :) My bbq chicken was only ok so I'll look forward to one of your recommendations ladies.

Joy said...

When I used to eat meat, I loved chicken barbecue and spareribs! Very cool mural.

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dennis said...

Dennis likes BBQ.