Sunday, August 10, 2008

Riverside Cemetery Revisited

Riverside Cemetery

Warning: if you visit the Riverside Cemetery at dusk, do not stay there past 8pm if you are on the hill portion of the property. You'll be locked in! :-)

As we like to do on occasion, Mark and I were having a relaxing ride about town and he showed me a part of Riverside I have never explored. It was very pretty though a bit neglected looking. I tried to stay in the car because of all the mosquitos but I saw such great photo opportunities I had to get out of the car.

The shot above turned out kind of nice I thought as it captured a slightly eerie view as the sun was going down. That's our car. I was too lazy to go move it and then go back to this spot but it would have been nice if I had. Behind where I stood was a very neat looking mausoleum, pictured below.

Nolte Tomb Side

When it was time to leave, we approached the gate only to discover it had closed and you couldn't open it. There are three gate. One was on electric lock, another was chain locked and the third was open but way down the hill where our car could not go (That is the section of the cemetery I have posted about before. For some reason, they don't lock that up.).

There is a family across the street from the main gate and the mom told us this happens quite often and that we need to call the police and then wait at the other gate and they'll let us out. So luckily I had my phone AND the Seguin Police number on it (another story for another time). We waited about 25 minutes for an officer to show up but then none of the keys he had worked. Not that he told us this; we figured that out since he just went back to his car and talked to someone. Anyway, another officer showed up shortly after that and he had the right key and then we were free! Here are our rescuers.

Locked inside Riverside


E said...

Hey, what an adventure! Being locked in a cemetary is NOT my idea of fun though. =0)

That first picture is great and yes, does have an eerie feel to it (minus the car). =0)

C and C Mommy said... should have just jumped the fence and you would have been in my backyard. Now, I have stories I could tell you about that the Nolte mausoleum. I live in the house I grew up in and my brother and I would walk in the cemetary with our friends...Mary B. Erskine is buried there and that is where we all went to school so we liked to freak our friends out!! We also used to tell our friends that if you stuck your fingers inside the mausoleum that a hand would grab you...of course, it didn't...but you can imagine what happened!! So fun...but not a place I want to be at night...

babooshka said...

That first shot is truly spooky. Very well done in those sepia tones. Glad you actually got out of there!

Thiên said...

We were wondering which house was yours, Lisa! :) You guys were naughty!

JM said...

I love that cemetery in sepia and what an emocional adventure beeing locked there!!!... but 'all's well that ends well'! :-)

d. chedwick said...

Nice pic of the cemetery--very nice.

and you had a fine adventure too!

Tammy said...

I'm back home and have lots of blog catching up to do! Great post and love the pictures!