Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ducks #3

Hanging around in the oak at SBC

If you don't like ducks, tune back in next week because I think I'm going to do a duck series this week. They're so cool and I couldn't decide which shots I loved best so I will share some this week.

This is the same pair I photographed in the first photo -- that's the oak tree they seem to like to hang out in at Second Baptist Church. Here are two observations and wonderings:
  1. How in the world do the ducks not slip off the trees and the tip of the church roof? I notice their webbed feet do not form and cling to the surfaces. Interesting.
  2. That cool hole in the tree that one of the ducks is standing in has also been home to an opossum, a snake (unconfirmed but that's the story) and who knows what else. I am curious to see how deep that thing goes down. But I'd need a ladder in order to get to it.

I want to share with you all how much I have enjoyed being a part of this photo blogging community. I learn so much photograpy, blogging and other cities. Thank you for all your support, visits and comments!

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