Friday, April 11, 2008

Mockingbird Nest

Mockingbird nest 2008

Hi everyone, I'm back. It's been a blur since Monday and I didn't get a chance to post much this week. Traveling is great because you get to meet interesting people and see different parts of the country. Unfortunately, my coworker and I spent more time in airports and on airplanes than in one location. It was pretty tiring so I'm glad to be home and to have the weekend to catch my breathe!

Here's a shot of the new nest that the mockingbirds have rebuilt in our crepe myrtle this year and I'm so happy to see them back! Typically, when they are done for the year and their little babies have flown off, the nest remains. Last year, however, a wild wind storm blew the crepe myrtle way over and there was nothing left of their nest. They are back now and have been busy getting their home ready. We see them regularly and they watch us every time we get in the car, which is parked rather near to them. They seem pretty use to us and don't seem to mind us too much.


Southern Heart said...

I love, love this photo!

I hope that you're having a restful weekend after your travels.

brian said...

glad the birds came back this year.. i just wonder what smokey thinks of them?

Thiên said...

SH - It does feel great to be home and working at a normal pace so far. Today I'm going to garden to ease stress despite having a huge manual to review. I'll put that off until tomorrow. :)

Brian - happily, Smokey has not driven the mockingbirds away and he has stopped staring at the nest (did that his first year outside). Still, I will try to keep my eye on him once the babies arrive.

oldmanlincoln said...

Am glad to see you back and recording your building activities in the crepe myrtle. You should now record the eggs and birth and then their first flights. You might have to put away your cat for a while --if you have a cat.

Thanks for the visits.

Mattexian said...

It those mockingbirds are like the ones in my town, you won't have to put away the cat if he gets too curious, they'll dive-bomb attack him until he runs off! And they'll do it to you too, if you try taking pics, they did this to my ex mother-in-law when she took some pics of the nest in her rose bush.