Saturday, April 12, 2008

Perfect day to be outside

First tomatoes

Today was so beautiful that we just had to spend as much time outside as possible! I wish we could enjoy days like this all the way through May but that's wishful thinking. :) It was in the 70s today with low humidity and nothing but sunshine. Gorgeous.

We did some gardening today -- check on tomatoes, thin out some green beans and cumcumbers and put in some more okra to replace the ones that never came up. We think the first packet we bought sprouted plants that don't look like okra at all. It was very odd. Also got more seeds to replace yellow squash that some pesky bugs keep eating up. So far, we have counted about seven little tomatoes on our plants so we're excited to see some progress.

Also had time to have a lovely picnic with Mark at Landa Park in nearby New Braunfels. It was so nice and we had such a wonderful and relaxing time. Hope everyone had a great Saturday today!


oldmanlincoln said...

Holy smokes you have things in your garden this big already? You must live in paradise somewhere. Here, things are different.

This Sunday morning it is all of 37 degrees here in SW Ohio where Tecumseh once ran on paths made by the wood buffalo.

We did get warm enough for a couple of days for daffodils and some crocus to pop up but they popped down again.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Hello Thiên! Love, love, love that photo! I am a tomato-nut, totally crazy about toms. Our locally grown won't be ready until early August and look at yours! That beauty will be exploding with flavor in just a couple of weeks. Maybe I should move to Seguin! :D

(You've been blogging since forevah, well, almost ;D and I just now noticed your blog? What's wrong with me???)

I will be back. Have a nice week ahead.


Jim said...

Great picture, the green is beautiful.

Jana said...

Great photo! We can't plant tomatos for at least 3-4 weeks.

raf said...

That is one pristine, healthy tomato plant and gonna get more so, no doubt. Wow, is that one from your bathtub crop?

Thiên said...

Yep, we only planted the three in the tub. :)

J.C. said...

The tomatoes are here!!!

It must feel fabulous to see the fruit you grew yourself manifesting!!!