Friday, April 04, 2008

Me & My Dandies

Fergie, me, Mr. Marichal, Mark

How can one gal be so lucky? Well, who knows but I sure am glad I am that gal. Yesterday was a blur with work as well as the banquet so I didn't even have time to post. Sorry about that.

I can't tell you what a great time we had listening to the stories Fergie and Mr. Marichal had for us. What a privilege to get to spend time one-on-one with each gentleman to get to hear their stories...and do they have a lot of fabulous stories, not just about baseball but also about life and the adventures they have had. Like the time Fergie was fishing in Alaska and came way too close to a bear, who was swimming towards their boat because he noticed the splashing of the fish on Fergie's line. Or how about when Mr. Marichal first learned how to pitch over-handed here in the states (he started out with a sidearm pitch). He told us he didn't even know if he could do it because he'd just never done that before and when he tried, the only way he could see doing the over-hand is to also kick his leg up *really* high. Mark just reminded me he said this is when his "high leg kicking" began. If only you could hear him tell it; it'd be much better. But I loved learning about him. You can visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame for more information about Juan Marichal and Fergie Jenkins.

This year's banquet ranks up there as one of my top three favorites (this is the 9th one we've had). The other two favorites are the years Monte Irvin and Buck O'Neal joined us. However, now that I think about it, we've just had so many great guests, it's really hard to not put them on the list as well.


raf said...

Lucky you, Thien to have those guys in town. Lived in San Francisco during the Marichal, Mays days. Good to see them so involved with the kids today. All the best.

Thiên said...

Dear gutless people who like to make ugly comments on blogs without revealing their identities (I deleted yours b/c I didn't want to be reminded how rude you are). You should really listen to the advice of not saying anything if you do not have anything nice to say. The world is filled with enough petty ugliness without your contribution.

Jim said...

How wonderful to be able to meet and spend time both of them. Baseball is the one sport that makes me feel like a kid.

Thiên said...

Thank you Raf and Jim. I wish you both could have joined us!

Neva said...

What a great day for you look wonoderful!