Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pollen Trap

Removing the pollen trap

Hello folks. I don't even know which day it is anymore. We're on the South Carolina leg of our trip and we get to go home tomorrow. It's been lots of time spent in airports but it's been fun and definitely a great learning experience.

Here is a shot of some beekeeping activity. Mark put a pollen trap on the hive and I recall the bees were not too happy about being disturbed that day. They found a way under Mark's veil and he got 6 or 7 stings. Of course he dealt with it much better than I would have. I think I got one bee sting a few weeks ago and that really slowed me down. :) Guess that's why he the professional beekeeper of the family!

The pollen trap is what is sliding out of the bottom of the hive. I have never seen one in action so I enjoyed learning about this. As the bees enter the hive, the trap does its job and keeps some of the pollen. Poor busy bees. Some people take pollen treatments in order to help with local allergies. It's worth a try! You can buy these pollen pellets in stores but it can be pricey.


brian said...

Great photo and post, Thien. I've heard of taking locally produced honey for allergies also - but haven't tried it yet. =)

thanks for your comments, and you're welcome to pass along photos if you like... i kept an eye out forever to catch those cows posing as horses, and was just glad to finally get it to show someone else...

Dan said...

Love the post Thien. When we moved here to Texas some of my kids developed allergy issues. A friend recommended we buy and use local honey as a cure. It worked! Within a couple of days the kids were symptom free and stayed that way.

Kris McCracken said...

No gloves? No smoker?

I wouldn't have the nerve!

Dave said...

Hi Thien,
That's an excellent picture of the pollen trap. Can I use it for something I'm writing about pollen? I would certainly acknowledge you.


Thiên said...

Hi Dave, that'd be fine. Thanks for the interest. Let me know where you use it. Mark and I would love to see what you're writing if it's about bees especially!