Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tomato Update

Tomatoes end of wk 2

Here is an update on our tomatoes. I took this before we started playing around with the stakes for them. AND we spotted our first baby tomato already. It's so cute and only about 3/4 of an inch now. Here's a shot of the plants
the first day we put them in.

Other plants in the garden are also doing okay. We're going to have to do something about the pill bugs, some people call them rolly polly bugs. Whatever, they are eating up our squash plants I think. And the okra too. But my cucumbers are safe so far, as are the sunflowers.

This weekend has been gorgeous weather for the getting out and gardening and walking and (if you're in San Antonio) enjoying the NCAA Final Four tournament. SA is about 35 minutes from us and we are seeing high traffic on the roads and in our hotels. I guess we are accomodating the overflow.

Yesterday, Mark and I felt very industrious. Did errands, enjoyed the garden, filed our taxas (woo hoo!), relaxed from a crazy week, watched Oceans 13 and I started packing for a 3 day trip to the southeast for work. I hope you all have a great week. I will try and post during my trip.


Uma por Dia said...

So funny!!

Jim said...

Looks like these are growing fast.

Sarah said...

Are you pinching the suckers? :) We have been suggested to wait to plant our veggies until May 1. I have been working on clearing the plot. Can't wait!

brian said...

wow! those are coming along nicely! can't wait to see them full of 'maters!

Pat said...

How nice to see these tomato plants! Thank you also for visiting the Guelph blog. Yes! Six weeks from this coming Saturday and I'll be a bride again. Been a long time since my first time! (1961) But being a widow has been lonely indeed.

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Sailor Girl said...


Have a nice trip!!!

Southern Heart said...

They are really growing, Thien. You will so enjoy those later this season!

Alexander said...

Interesting work done! Sounds like they are growing well. :)

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Neva said...

they look so cute in the tub! Do you keep them there all season?