Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where's that lotto ticket?

Site of a $3 million lotto ticket!

This past week, we got some very exciting news! Apparently one of two winning lottery tickets was sold here in our very own little City of Seguin. No word yet on who it was that bought one of the winning tickets. I believe their share is about $3 million, according to news reports. Very exciting stuff!

Back in September 2006, I posted a shot of the fuel price sign in front of Frankie's. It's sad our gas price has gone up so much since that time. It's not $3.39 in town (average).


Kris McCracken said...

That service station looks very much like one in Perth (Tasmania), except that the colours are different. Everything else though is the same. Creepy.

Tanya said...

Exciting! Congrats to the lucky winners!
Seguin is a name from my family. Although my Seguin's originally came from France then settled in Quebec but I've heard of your town of Seguin!

Thiên said...

Hmm, you'll have to show us your station, Kris. :)

Tanya, I believe our Juan Seguin's family is also from France. Maybe we should find the connection!

Dan said...

Great pic of this station. Love the colors and this photo is tack sharp.

Wow, I sometimes dream about winning the lottery. I am probably the only person who has never, ever played. I guess I need to get a ticket one of these days.

Thiên said...

Same here, Dan. We never remember to buy a ticket. ;)