Monday, April 28, 2008

Ducks at Second Baptist

Ducks at church

We were at church over the weekend and these pretty ducks kept flying by us. They come back by the church every year I am told. It's so funny because I have never seen them on land. They are either flying or they are perched on a building or tree. I'll find a close-up shot so you all can help me identify them.

These two hung out all morning Saturday. They stuck together even though there were several other ducks hanging out across the street behind the church. Walnut Creek runs behind there and it seemed the majority of the ducks were by the creek. I shot this standing on the ground, looking up at the church roof. I liked the sky a lot that day.


raf said...

A beautiful capture altogether, Thien!

Tanya said...

Very pretty picture!

J.C. said...

These 2 ducks may be good friends which only meet once a year! So they hang out together to catch up on what they had been missing when they were apart!

Hee...hee...reminds me of my good friend and I! We just gotta meet over lunch at least once every week to catch up on each other!

J.C. of Subang Jaya Daily Photo

Tammy said...

Stunning photo!

Dorothee said...

Great pic and perpective! I love it.